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Ophelia Nipples

Scary stuff written here...

31 May 1980
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Hello, people. I have joined the life of the Live Journal , leaving my Diaryland account behind me (but not forgotten).

Isn't my journal name funny? hehehe.

So...a bit about me... Tam I am. I am 25 years old (aaaaaaah!) and just got married on August 5th! Yay! Sean and I dated for five and a half years, and I have loved every minute of it! Well. Maybe not EVERY minute, but mostly every minute. haha. Now we can randomly fight evilness together!

Uhm. I graduated from Marshall University in Music Performance which I have to say was the biggest waste of time. I should have gone to Lee Univ. as a freshman. But I had fun at the time, and I love my friends, and I love my husband...

The staples of life are chocolate and beef. yummy.

I plan on becoming a multi-millionaire someday. yes.

That is about all.